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Swat Academy - Michigan CPL (CCW) classes & other firearms instruction

Serving the Metro Detroit & Lansing areas

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Michigan Concealed Pistol License
CPL/CCW class
Class Features and Topics
  • Meets Michigan requirements to apply for a Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL/CCW)
  • Certificate valid at all 83 Michigan County Gun Boards
  • Comprehensive legal presentation by prominent pro-gun attorneys
  • Legal coaching on how to interact with the police after a shooting
  • Firearms safety and safe storage
  • Defensive shooting techniques taught by an experienced & knowledgeable instructor
  • Range time includes one-on-one instruction for newer shooters or personalized coaching for experienced shooters
  • Attack prevention mind set & how to control a violent encounter
  • What REALLY happens in a defensive encounter. How your body responds to stress and how to "stress proof" your shooting skills.

Participant Requirements

  • Must be 18 + to attend class and 21 + to get license
  • Handgun in case and unloaded
  • May use a semi-auto or a revolver (two mags required for semi-autos)
  • 100 rounds of factory ammo in calibers from .22 to .45
  • Loaner handguns available by advance request
Course Cost  $130 per student
  • Discount available for multiple bookings
  • Price INCLUDES range time & all class materials
  • Course certificate & legal handouts provided
  • Lunch & beverages available
  • One day classes held monthly at a indoor range
  • Two day classes held quarterly at an outdoor range
  • Advanced classes & private instruction also available - Call for details

Preregistration & Deposit required for all classes
Call or e-mail now to sign up!

Class Schedule
Sat, Aug 22
Sat, Aug 29

Sat, Sept 19

Sat, September 26



Advanced Defensive Pistol

Saturday, September 19, 2009

This class is for the student who wants the next level of training. We focus on the real world skills you need to prevail in any defensive encounter. This is a "NO BS" class and is range-work only.

Topics include

  • The four step holster draw
  • Drawing from concealment
  • Trigger reset for faster shooting
  • Malfunction clearance
  • Engaging multiple targets
  • "Shoot or don't shoot" drills
  • Shooting on the move
  • Strong hand only & support hand only shooting
  • Shooting at 3-D targets
  • And more...

Course cost $125 per student

Some loaner handguns and equipment available by advance request. Contact us for a complete required equipment list.

Class size is limited, so call or e-mail now to sign up!

About Your Instructor

Robert Reed's instructor qualifications include:

  • NRA Certified Instructor
  • SigArms Academy Certified Instructor (Handgun)
  • Graduate of Massad Ayoob's LFI-1 & LFI 2 courses (40 hours each on the legal, moral, & practical aspects of armed self-defense)
  • Experience working with shooters of all skill levels and backgrounds - Novices to advanced shooters

I am a student-focused instructor who believes private citizens deserve the best training possible to help them protect themselves and their loved ones. 

My philosophy is that training is about the student, not the teacher, and that my job is to help bring each student into their highest potential. 

Swat Academy (248) 961-2300  reedrob1@hotmail.com

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